Incentives for Energy Efficiency

For those homeowners who are thinking about making energy efficient ac repair Florida or any other energy efficient upgrades to their home you could be rewarded by doing so.  There were two bills introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate in March, both of which will have an impact on the HVAC business if congress chooses to pass them.  The two bills outline incentives for homeowners to improve the energy performance of their homes.  In the House, the program that was introduced is called HOMES Act which stands for Home Owner Managing Energy Savings Act of 2012.  The HOMES Act is a performance-based rebate program.  The amount of the rebate is based on the amount of energy savings.  Rebates start at $2,000 for a 20% improvement on energy savings and up to $8,000 for a 50% savings.   The second act that was introduced to congress was to the Senate and it is called RESPA.  RESPA stands for the Rural Energy Savings Program Act. 
 This act allows the U.S. Department ofAgriculture (USDA) Rural Utilities Service to loan money to the rural electric cooperatives to then loan out to homeowners for energy-efficiency upgrades to their homes.  If homeowners choose to participate they would repay the low-interest loan through their energy bills.  The HOMES Act is considered to improve the Home Star from a couple years ago.  One difference between the two that benefits contractors is that the rebate is paid directly to the homeowner instead of requiring the funds to be paid to the contractor.  RESPA would require a certified third-party do the initial energy survey and then verify the energy saving upgrades.  It will be the USDA that would come up with the guidelines and qualifications of who can perform the survey and follow up evaluation.   

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What we know of air conditioning

Air conditioning is such a necessity in the South we easily forget that less than a century ago it was barely heard of.  AC repair Florida and air conditioning in general has come a long way since.  Heating a home has always been easy since the discovery of fire but keeping a home cool enough to be comfortable that is another matter.  What we know of air conditioning today did not exist until 1902 and wouldn’t have been seen in private homes until much later in the century.  Their of course were attempts of cooling way before the 20th century.  The ancient Romans ran aqueducts between the walls of buildings throughout the city so that the water would make their homes cooler when it ran through them.  They were even more advanced in ancient China were engineers created a giant fan that ran manually by a series of turning wheels which would cause a cool breeze to go through the building.  Later they were able to power these fans by flowing water.   Using chemistry to cool came around much later.  One of the first tries was in 1842 by a Doctor right here in Florida he used compressors to make ice which would cool the air for his patients.  Unfortunately due to lack of funding and a lot of repairs needed on the unit, the invention never took off.  It would be another 50 years before anyone would be successful in creating an air conditioner.  Demand for keeping the air cool wasn’t in high demand and during the depression and WWII wasn’t a priority.  There were a couple attempts though; Alfred Wolff created a system for keeping the New York Stock Exchange’s trading room cool in 1902.  Millionaire Charles Gate’s home had the first residential air conditioner installed in 1914 and in the 1920’s air conditioning could be found in the movies as a way to get customers inside from the hot summer days.  Now things have become pretty simple almost every home has some sort of air conditioning system and if you need a repair on one all you have to do is pick one out of a hundred ac repairmen.  Of course you don’t want to pick just any company Accutemp is a reliable company and provides great service for new system installs as well as ac repair palm coast and the surrounding areas.  
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Unlicensed contractors claim to be a good choice for affordable ac changeouts and ac repair Florida.  The truth is that these under-the-table workers may have lower figures on the invoice but can end up costing the homeowner a lot more in the end.  It is easier for these contractors to offer lower prices because they avoid the expense of licenses and insurance.  What does this mean to the homeowner hiring these individuals?  If a worker slips and falls while working on your property, since the company does not have any type of insurance or workman’s compensation the liability will fall on the homeowner.  Working without a license also means these contractors are also performing new installs without the proper permits and aren’t held up to the same standards and safety codes as licensed contractors who have to have their work inspected by the counties.  Also if the homeowner knowingly hires an unlicensed contractor in certain states and municipalities can be considered a violation of the law which can lead to costly fines and court appearances.  For ac repair Palm Coast contractors are required to be licensed and insured and are also required to pull the proper permit for work being completed as well as scheduling an inspection after the work is complete to make sure the work was completed up to code.  There are a lot of legal contractors and homeowners coming together to try and put an end to these unlicensed companies by fighting for higher fines and stricter penalties.  As a homeowner do not be afraid to ask the company questions about their business, always find out if they are licensed, and ask about their insurance.  You can also utilize the internet to find out information on the company many counties having listings of preferred licensed contractors registered with them.  Accutemp is a licensed HVAC company with a good reputation in Palm Coast and the surrounding areas.  Give us a call with any of your HVAC needs. We also want to give a special prayer to the family of beastie boys adam yauch

Duct Cleaning

For the most accurate answer for your home it is recommended to speak to a company you trust or that is recommended for ac repair Florida . People often wonder if a duct cleaning actually does much to improve the air quality in their home.  There are a lot of you who wonder if a duct cleaning in your home is needed or just a way for us in the industry to make an extra penny.  The fact is heating and air conditioning ducts are dark, damp and rich in “nutrients” is an optimal breeding ground for things such as, dust mites, mold and fungi.  Allergens such as mold and fungi can cause infections, discomfort and can also cause allergic reactions.  Although cleaning the ducts isn’t a cure for heath conditions such as Asthma, allergies and other respiratory related conditions it can help with prevention and treatment of these conditions.  Getting the ducts clean will also remove these allergens like dust and mold.  A duct cleaning would also get rid of cigarette smoke residue and other odors.    The following are some indoor air quality facts:
-       According to the EPA, one of the top 5 environmental dangers to the public is indoor air quality.
-       Two out of Three indoor air quality problems are caused by your HVAC system.
-       According the Department of Consumer Affairs the elderly and children are most affected by poor indoor air quality.
-       The EPA also said that Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in indoor air quality can be much greater than in outdoor air, 2 to 5 times greater to be exact.
-       The American College of Allergists said that up to 20% of all illnesses can either be caused or enhanced by polluted indoor air.
-       Some hazardous pollutants in indoor air have shown to be 70 percent greater than in outdoor air.
There isn’t a standard answer to how often one should get their ducts cleaned.  Each duct system and homeowner is different depending on the activities, health conditions, and set up of duct system the frequency in the need for a duct cleaning would vary. For ac repair Palm Coast contact Accutemp and we would love to offer you our free air quality and duct cleaning evaluation and estimate.