Unlicensed contractors claim to be a good choice for affordable ac changeouts and ac repair Florida.  The truth is that these under-the-table workers may have lower figures on the invoice but can end up costing the homeowner a lot more in the end.  It is easier for these contractors to offer lower prices because they avoid the expense of licenses and insurance.  What does this mean to the homeowner hiring these individuals?  If a worker slips and falls while working on your property, since the company does not have any type of insurance or workman’s compensation the liability will fall on the homeowner.  Working without a license also means these contractors are also performing new installs without the proper permits and aren’t held up to the same standards and safety codes as licensed contractors who have to have their work inspected by the counties.  Also if the homeowner knowingly hires an unlicensed contractor in certain states and municipalities can be considered a violation of the law which can lead to costly fines and court appearances.  For ac repair Palm Coast contractors are required to be licensed and insured and are also required to pull the proper permit for work being completed as well as scheduling an inspection after the work is complete to make sure the work was completed up to code.  There are a lot of legal contractors and homeowners coming together to try and put an end to these unlicensed companies by fighting for higher fines and stricter penalties.  As a homeowner do not be afraid to ask the company questions about their business, always find out if they are licensed, and ask about their insurance.  You can also utilize the internet to find out information on the company many counties having listings of preferred licensed contractors registered with them.  Accutemp is a licensed HVAC company with a good reputation in Palm Coast and the surrounding areas.  Give us a call with any of your HVAC needs. We also want to give a special prayer to the family of beastie boys adam yauch