What we know of air conditioning

Air conditioning is such a necessity in the South we easily forget that less than a century ago it was barely heard of.  AC repair Florida and air conditioning in general has come a long way since.  Heating a home has always been easy since the discovery of fire but keeping a home cool enough to be comfortable that is another matter.  What we know of air conditioning today did not exist until 1902 and wouldn’t have been seen in private homes until much later in the century.  Their of course were attempts of cooling way before the 20th century.  The ancient Romans ran aqueducts between the walls of buildings throughout the city so that the water would make their homes cooler when it ran through them.  They were even more advanced in ancient China were engineers created a giant fan that ran manually by a series of turning wheels which would cause a cool breeze to go through the building.  Later they were able to power these fans by flowing water.   Using chemistry to cool came around much later.  One of the first tries was in 1842 by a Doctor right here in Florida he used compressors to make ice which would cool the air for his patients.  Unfortunately due to lack of funding and a lot of repairs needed on the unit, the invention never took off.  It would be another 50 years before anyone would be successful in creating an air conditioner.  Demand for keeping the air cool wasn’t in high demand and during the depression and WWII wasn’t a priority.  There were a couple attempts though; Alfred Wolff created a system for keeping the New York Stock Exchange’s trading room cool in 1902.  Millionaire Charles Gate’s home had the first residential air conditioner installed in 1914 and in the 1920’s air conditioning could be found in the movies as a way to get customers inside from the hot summer days.  Now things have become pretty simple almost every home has some sort of air conditioning system and if you need a repair on one all you have to do is pick one out of a hundred ac repairmen.  Of course you don’t want to pick just any company Accutemp is a reliable company and provides great service for new system installs as well as ac repair palm coast and the surrounding areas.  
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