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Comfort Club Membership Certified
Your Comfort Club Membership moves you to the top of the list for service!  Members are placed on a priority service list and you become a preferred customer.  Our champion technicians and comfort advisers become familiar with you and your home comfort system because of your priority status.  Platinum Comfort Members receive a credit for a portion of their monthly dues.  These credits accumulate and can be used towards the purchase of special services or new equipment.
Reduce Emergency Breakdowns:  94% of all Emergency Breakdowns occur on Non-Maintained Systems.
Your membership will literally pay for itself year after year!  Your membership includes annual scheduled maintenance service that is required by the equipment manufacturer and gives you a discount on repairs.  We keep detailed maintenance records that are required by the equipment manufacturer to ensure that your warranty stays in place.  Studies show that a properly maintained heating and cooling system will save a homeowner as much as 30% per year on their electricity bill.  Having a properly maintained system helps to prevent expensive and untimely breakdowns.
All Comfort Club memberships include a lifetime warranty on your thermostat.

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Comfort Club Benefits
Heating/Cooling System Inspections
Up to 45% Off on all A/C & Heating Repairs
Lifetime Warranty on your Thermostat
1 Year Warranty on all Repairs
Up to 30% Savings on your Utility Bills according to L.S>U. Studies
Reduced Emergency Breakdowns
94% of all Emergency Breakdowns Occur on Non-Maintained Systems
Extended System Life
Increased Capacity
Increased Comfort
Increased Safety
Peace of Mind
Better Health
If you change the oil in your car, then you should understand the importance on having your system maintained. 

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