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Indoor air quality has become a great concern for everyone and as this happens the topic of leaking ductwork also comes up more and more.  Excessive ductwork leakage can cause a wide range of problems besides affecting air quality.  It can affect air conditioning and heating capacity, efficiency, reliability, safety, and humidity control.  Abnormal ductwork leakage is widespread across the state and is a main concern for many customers seeking ac repair Florida.  Based on studies of ductwork leakage the average duct leakage appears to be in the ball park of 17% of total airflow. 
 It is impossible to know what the actual amount is in any given area but 17% is a pretty startling number.  If the return air duct system is installed in or is utilizing the infrastructure of the building which is referred to as outside the envelope, the air is most likely going to be drawn from the attic or another unconditioned space and supply leaks can cause the exact same problem.  When supply leaks are present the air handling equipment is drawing more air out of the envelope than it is returning to the envelope, which causes a negative pressure in the conditioned space which then causes air to be pulled from outside the envelope.  The problem with this is the air coming from outside the envelope is not filtered. 
 A lot of this air usually comes from the outdoors but it also can come in from the infrastructure.  Getting air from the infrastructure is worse than coming in from the outdoors because most of the time the air from the infrastructure is lower quality.  Other negative effects of ductwork leakage is a lot of times the air flows through insulation to gain access to the envelope which contaminates the space with fiberglass, mold and many other materials.  A lot of buildings have bathroom exhaust fans which vent into the attic so that contaminated air can also be sucked into your system, also the air from inside the infrastructure is often hotter causing your system to work harder to cool.  The best way to check your system for leaking duct work is to call your local ac repair company making sure they have technicians who are trained and experienced in duct work.  You can contact Accutemp heating and air for ac repair Palm Coast , they have trained technicians and offer free estimates for many duct services. 

April 7, 2012

According to a recent survey done on homeowners regarding ac repair Florida and energy savings, homeowners are being more careful about making investments in home energy savings.  Findings in this survey showed that the homeowners are requiring a significant energy cost savings to justify larger home improvements for energy savings and they have grown more skeptical about a quick payback.  This survey also showed that only 12 percent of the homeowners said they would pay more than $2,000 in an energy-efficient upgrade and it would have to pay for itself in 2 years.   
The survey did show that homeowners are aware of the energy demands of their HVAC systems.  It also showed that they are making smaller efficiency changes and that they were unaware of the valuable tax incentives.  Most people surveyed were correct in knowing that their air conditioning and heating systems use most of the energy in their home.  In the majority of homes in the United States the HVAC systems consume over half of their total energy use while lights consume less than 10 percent.  Strangely enough the most popular energy saving upgrades homeowners have made has been switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs.  These results may leave you wondering, if the majority of the homeowners understand that these systems use most of the energy why not invest a little extra for energy efficiency?  The answer is quite simple at first glance the compact fluorescent light bulbs have a much smaller price tag (a few dollars versus a few thousand dollars with a new HVAC system).  What is important is that the homeowners are equipped with the most current information regarding rebates and tax incentives. It is also important for homeowners to understand energy savings and the annual cost savings of high-efficiency systems.  The best way to fully understand these benefits is by speaking with a trained and trusted HVAC technician.  For ac repair Palm Coast as well as new system estimates you can call Accutemp at 386-246-7745 we would be happy to share this information with you and all of our estimates are at no charge.   

April 9, 2012

In the recent economic crisis the HVAC industry has experienced change but its need for skilled laborers and certified technicians has not.  Many contractors across the nation have not noticed the same decrease in the need for workers brought on by the influx of unemployed laborers as other industries have.  The federal government along with other trade industries have noticed this problem too.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics report for January of 2012 showed a positive growth in employment but there is a gap that is getting bigger between available jobs and the number of people who have the skills to fill the positions.   To help with the problem of not having enough skilled technicians for ac repair Florida as well as the rest of the nation President Obama rolled out an idea to train “two million workers with skills that will lead directly to a job” he said this during a State of the 

Union address he made on January 24th, he later announced on February 13th he announced a new $8 billion Community College to Career Fund.  In a release from the office of the press secretary it was stated that it would provide funding for community colleges and states to partner with local businesses to train workers.  It was also stated that these investments give community colleges the resources needed to become a community career center where employment skills would be taught to the community to help ensure that the local businesses have qualified workers to employ.   Employment statics show that 18-24 year olds has been the hardest hit age group for unemployment and they continue to struggle to find employment.  The HVAC industry is trying to convince this age group to choose its trade by advances in the equipment, installation standards, different system designs, and maintenance procedures.  One thing contractors believe is helping to make HVAC more attractive are the advances being made in the equipment, system design, installation standards, and maintenance procedures.  The need for skilled HVAC Technicians has always been an ongoing problem for this industry and will likely take more time to fix.  It is important to find a company that has thoroughly screened their technicians and they are certified and QUALIFIED to do the repairs on your system.  Here at Accutemp heating and air a company for ac repair Palm Coast we take pride in our skilled and dedicated technicians and have a very good reputation in our community, please give us a call for your HVAC needs 386-246-7745. 

 April, 13th 2012

The best way to keep your air conditioner running at its highest possible efficiency is to have your unit periodically serviced.  It is strongly recommended to have your unit serviced at least once a year but for the best results we recommend once every six months.  There are a couple of things you can do to help maintain your system in between the professional maintenance. 
 These things will keep your unit running longer as well as keep your electricity costs down.  The most important thing you can do is change/wash the air filter every month.  Not only is good for the ac unit but it cuts down on the airborne dust and dirt that can be transported through out your home.  There are many different types of air filters that can be used in an ac unit so it is important that you know what type you have and understand how to maintain it.  If you are unsure ask the technician who services your unit to show you.  The next thing is taking care of the outdoor unit, when it comes to ac repair Florida this is especially important.  It is important to remove the grill cover and take a garden hose to wash down the fins on the unit.  Be careful not to use too much water pressure when washing the unit.   If you are living near the ocean the salt can settle on the unit and cause it to rust, rinsing the unit periodically can help prevent this from happening.  It is also good to keep the outdoor unit free of debris, grass clippings, and mulch.  For ac repair Palm Coast and maintenance you can give us a call here at Accutemp 386-246-7745.  We offer many different packages when it comes to maintaining and servicing your unit and would be happy to discuss them with you.